Level 3

Occupational Health and Safety

To achieve the SVQ Level 3 Occupational Health & Safety candidates must complete all of the mandatory units and choose two from the optional units:

Mandatory Units
PROHSS1 Make Sure Your Own Actions Reduce the Risks to Health and Safety Unit Details
PROHSS3 Control Work Operations Safely Unit Details
PROHSP2 Promote a Healthy and Safe Culture Within the Workplace Unit Details
PROHSS6 Conduct a Health and Safety Risk Assessment of a Workplace Unit Details
Optional Units:  Candidates must complete 2 of the following optional units in addition to the mandatory units:
PROHSS2  Develop Procedures to Safely Control Work Operations Unit Details
PROHSS5  Investigate and Evaluate Health and Safety Incidents and Complaints at work Unit Details
PROHSS8 Review Health and Safety Procedures at Workplaces other than your own.  Unit Details
PROHSS9 Supervise the Health, Safety and Welfare of an individual at work. Unit Details
PROHSP14  Develop, Implement and Monitor Behavioural Safety in the Workplace Unit Details
PROHSP15 Manage contractors to ensure compliance with health and safety Unit Details
PROHSP16 Develop and implement the health and safety induction process Unit Details
CFAM&LEB4 Manage the Environmental and Social impacts of your work. Unit Details